Skegness Domino League


We wait all season for a team to whitewash another and then we get two in succession.

This week, Ex Service Shufflers defeated their stablemates Ex Service Stobart gang 9-0.

With only one round of games to go, all three divisions are yet to be decided.

The Division One title is between seaview A and Ex Service U Watts, who are level on points, relegation from this division could see two of four teams go down.

Division two is much tighter, Railroad Robbers lead the way, two points ahead of three teams, New Park Rangers, Finnigans and Liberal Squares, who are just two points ahead of three more teams and relegation is also a tight affair, with one of four teams set for the drop.

Division three sees garden city lead the way, two points ahead of Ex Service Shufflers who are two points in front of new park A, so Garden City are set for promotion at least with the other two fighting it out to join them.

A great season which will go down to the very last week for honours to be decided.

Results - February 24 Division One - Ex Service A 3, Ex Service L 6; Ex Ser U Watts 6, Ex Service 3;S eaview Nil 3, Liberal C 6; Old Burgh Inn 5 Seaview A 4;

Division Two - Finnigans 2, Railroad Robbers 7; Liberal Squares 3, Seathorne A 6; New Park Rangers 4 Charnwood 5; Railroad Xl 5, Highwayman 4;

Division Three - Churchills 3, Ex Ser Hotspots 6; Ex Ser Stobart Gang 0, Ex Ser Shufflers 9;

Garden City 4, Cricket Clickers 5; WMC H 5, New Park A 4; WMC H 8, Ex Ser Hotspots 1; R/A

New Park A 6, Ex Ser Shufflers 3 R/A.

3-0 Table Winners - H Goy & R Harris (Ex Service A); S Duckworth & H Reeson (Liberal C)

J Kerslake & D Pickworth (Railroad Robbers); A Burkitt & P Jones (New Park Rangers); J Savory & M Hallam (Ex Ser Shufflers); P Leonard & P Mottram (Ex Ser Shufflers) J Savory & D Hoyles (Ex Ser Shufflers); B Crookes & R Moore (Ex Ser Hotspots).