Skegness Domino League

General News.
General News.

Last week saw the Christmas Pairs Drive & Pairs Knockout take place.

At the Railroad Club 32 pairs contested the Knockout Pairs.

After battling through to the semi-finals, M. Wright & D. Smith (Seathorne ‘A’) beat D. Patten & J. Overton (Railroad Robbers) 2-1, while in the other semi-final D. Chapman & M. Reeson (Liberal ‘C’) beat H. Reeson & L. Harris (Liberal/Churchills) 2-0.

The final was a close fought affair, with both pairs needing just one hole to win. It was the seathorne pair who won 2-1.

At the Ex-Servicemen’s Club just 11 pairs took part in the drive. This was won by M. Whitehead & F. Kaho (Ex-Service U Watts) with a score of 7 + 15.

Runners-up were P. Smith & J. Burkitt (New Park Rangers) with a score of 5 + 5.