Skegness Crib League

Sports News.
Sports News.

Ex-Service Cowboys galloped through the New Park 5-4 to open a two point gwap at the top of the table in the latest round of Skegness Crib League matches.

There was a 3-0 win for T. & J. Strong and a 3-0 defeat for P. Hough & M. Broomfield (all Ex-Service).

There was a 24 hand for J. Kelleher.

The WMC ‘A’ marooned the Ship Wrecks 6-3. There was a 3- win for J. & S. Sykes (WMC) and a 3-0 defeat for R. Bell & R. Heavey (Ship).

WMC ‘B’ recorded their second victory of the season, with a 6-3 win against Seathorne Arms. There was a 3-0 defeat for T/ Mason & C. Goode. There were 24 hands for M. Buckle & M. Wright (all Seathorne).

Results - Royal Oak 4, Seathorne Arms 5 (re-arranged match); February 6 - Ship Wrecks 3, WMC ‘A’ 6; Ex-Service Cowboys 5, New Park ‘A’ 4; WMC ‘B’ 6, Seathorne Arms 3.