Skegness Crib League


Ex-Service Cowboys ‘galloped’ to the top of the table after ‘scuttling’ the Ship Wrecks 8-1.

There were 3-0 wins for P. Hough & M. Broomfield and H. Goy & S. Godber. There were 3-0 defeats for K. & J. Sinar and L. McCafferty & P. Benn (all Ship).

New Park ‘planted’ a 6-3 victory over WMC ‘B’. There were 3-0 wins for J. & R. Keueher and a 24 hand for S. Surrell (all New Park). There was a 3-0 defeat for J. Howard & B. Lamb (WMC ‘B’).

Members are reminded not to forget their Alex Jackson entries and the league singles and doubles need to be to the Ex-Service by January 31.

Results for January 23 - WMC ‘B’ 3, New Park 6; Ex-Service Cowboys 8, Ship ‘Wrecks’ 1; Royal Oak v Seathorne Arms postponed.