Shy Fish teased out by Boden

It was a close match in the Southview Skegness Open on Saturday August 4.

With the fish ready to spawn, it made it a challenging day’s fishing for the most part, with only the better fish showing.

However, Ian Boden of Southview, fishing on Pure pellet, managed to find the fish to win.

Drawing a good peg in 24, Boden made the most of it, fishing meat up in the water to land carp to 4lb to take first place with 57lb 9oz overall.

Graham Warren also of Southview, again fishing on Pure pellet, was in the running but could only make second with nice carp from peg 25, with a net of 51lb 3oz.

Meanwhile, at the Southview Skegness Open on Tuesday, July 31, Graham Warren of Southview took the honours.

Warren, fishing on Pure Pellet, won by only a couple of fish.

With all anglers struggling for bites, Graham fished down the side on paste to catch small carp to amass a total of 49lb 2oz. Casterdad of Leeds came a close second with some nice carp for 41lb 9oz.

Results - Saturday, August 4 - 1, Ian Boden, Southview/Pure pellet, 57lb 9oz, peg 24; 2, Graham Warren, Southview/Pure pellet, 51lb 3oz, peg 25; 3, John Gooden, Mill Don Baits, 49lb 7oz, peg 12; 4, Ivon Cook, Harrisons, 39lb 2oz, peg 22; 5, Mack Ellson, Northampton, 37lb 11oz, peg 9; 6, Terry Moakes, Southview/Pure pellet, 34lb 2oz, peg 11; 7, Bob Hawes, Watford, 32lb 6oz, peg 19; 8, Pete Hopkinson; London, 30lb 11oz, peg 17; 9, Bob Anderson, Kings Lynn, 29lb 8oz, peg 23; 10, Brian Bagley, Southview/Pure pellet, 29lb 1oz, peg 13.

Tuesday July 31 - 1, Graham Warren, Southview/Pure Pellet, 49lb 2oz, peg 24;

2, Casterdad, Leeds, 41lb 9oz, peg 2; 3, Paul O’Carroll, Chapel, 38lb 13oz, peg 4; 4, Matt 17, Northampton, 38lb 7oz, peg 12; 5, Ivon Cook, Harrisons, 37lb 15oz, peg 18; 6, Ian Bellaby, Leicester, 35lb 4oz, peg 8.