Service’s super seven

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Latest Skegness Domino League results...

Division One: Ex Service W 7 Ex Service Shufflers 2, Railroad Rangers 7 Seaview Nil 2, Railroad Robbers 7 Bell Ringers 2, Seaview A 3 Seaview Lads 6.

Division Two: Ex Service Newbies 4 WMC Sambucas 5, Liberal B 2 Railroad XL 7, Pot Bellies 3 Liberal C 6, Shipwrecked 5 Finnigans 4, Stumblers 5 Ex Service Hotspots 4.

The 3-0 table winners: H. Goy & R. Harris (Seaview Lads), D. Patten & J. Overton (Railroad Robbers), D. Marvel & D. Keightley (Railroad Robbers), B. Harpham & M. Harpham (Railroad Rangers), N. Wagstaffe & T. Doane (Ex Service W), M. Whitehead & B. Coggill (Ex Service W), K. Horrigan & I. Mellor (Stumblers), J. Sykes & J. Hawkins (Shipwrecked), H. Reeson & M. Wiles (Liberal C).