Sarah’s drive for charity

Sarah Budby in action at the weekend.
Sarah Budby in action at the weekend.

Skegness motor-racer Sarah Budby spent last Saturday raising money for Huntington’s Disease.

She offered passenger rides round silverstone race track to the public and raised £100 for the charity.

Sarah drove constantly for two hours; only stopping to re-fuel.

Sarah said: “It’s safe to say, my tyres and brakes had a battering and I sure was aching after”. Unfortunately, due to bad light, the track had to close early.

If this had not been the case, then it is thought that perhaps more could have been raised on the day.

However, Sarah said: ”We hope to do the event again, but at a closer track, so everyone can get a good day’s experience.

“I would like to thank those that came and I hope they all want to come again! For more news on Sarah, visit