Results from the Skegness Domino League

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Skegness Domino League latest...

Division Two: Ex Service Shufflers 4 Ex Service Squares 5, Finnigans 6 Ex Service Stobart Gang 3, Liberal C 7 Railroad XL 2, Shipwrecked 6 Bell Ringers 3.

Division Three: Ex Service Hotspots 6 Liberal B 3, Highwayman 3 Stumblers 6.

The 3-0 table winners: P. Pocklington & J. Hurt (Seaview Lads), F. Kaho & C. Howes (Ex Service U Watts), C. Purfield & R. Humble (Seaview Nil), L .Parker & B. Humphries (Highwayman Rangers), C. Wilcox & K. Key (Ex Service Squares), M. Munn & G. Aucott (Finnigans), E. Johnson & J. O’Shea (Stumblers).