Railroad XL duo win the pairs title

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

The Railroad XL pair of A. Smith and J. Price were crowned Skegness Domino Pairs champions.

They beat A. Gray and G. Kavanagh of the Seaview A 3-1 in the final.

Eight pairs met at the Ex Service Club for the right to be crowned champions.

the first round proved to be a hard-fought affair with each game going to three legs,

in the semi finals, Smith and Price beat M. Reeson & D. Chapman (Liberal C) 2-1,

Gray and Kavanagh, got the better of F. Stones and J. Pinnigar (Pot Bellies) 2-0.

The final was best of five legs, which saw Smith and Price take the title.

First round results: D. Marvel & D. Buck (Railroad Robbers) 1 A. Smith & J. Price (Railroad XL) 2, A. Bell & D. Malpass (WMC Sambucas) 1 M. Reeson & D. Chapman (Liberal C) 2, F. Stones & J. Pinnigar (Pot Bellies) 2 L. Betts & J. Hartley (Shipwrecked) 1, G. Cooper & K. Foakes (Shipwrecked) 1 A. Gray & G. Kavanagh (Seaview A) 2.