Peter’s Wheely good time

ANOTHER good week, results wise, for the Alford Wheelers, as they sent a team to compete in a 25 mile time trial on the A180, a promotion by the Grimsby-based Lindsey Roads CC.

Alford’s best placed rider was 16-year-old Peter Rothery, who completed the 25 mile course in 59mins 56secs, becoming the latest member of the ‘under the hour’ club, a feat all time trialists aim for but only the best achieve.

His team-mate Eddie Kaye was not far behind, with 1hr 16secs, while John Needham claimed the age-related veterans award in 1hr 3mins 25secs, giving him a massive plus of 17mins 16secs.

Other Alford riders were: Mick Pell 1hr 2min 16secs, Brendon Thomas 1hr 5min 30secs, and his son 15-year-old Ryan Thomas 1hr 6min 49secs, Arthur Middleton 1hr 9min 30secs (plus 13-37).

In the mid-week 10 mile league event, the winner was Phil Heyes in 23min 28secs, closely followed by Peter Rothery in 23-50, with Mark Hill third in 24-08.

Other top 10 placings were: fourth, Brendon Thomas 25-34; fifth, Stefan Bryan 25-55; sixth, Mark Bembridge 25-58; seventh, Simon Griffiths 26-09; eighth, Nick Cooper 26-18; ninth, Ben Foxwell 26-20; 10th, Alan Yost 26-47.

The schoolboys’ event was won by Ryan Thomas in 26-04, with Tyler Wright just one second behind in second place, with Aaron Rowley third in 28-23, and Eddie Keyes in fourth with 29-05.

The handicap points went to John Martinez, first in 34-01 (allowance 14-20), net 19.41, with his son Joel second in 35-52 (allowance 15-44), net 20-08, and Stefan Bryan in third with 25-55 (allowance 5-07), net 20-48.