Palm Tai Chi Club members receive sashes

The successful members. Photo supplied.
The successful members. Photo supplied.
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Members of the Palms Tai Chi Club in Skegness received a number of gradings awards recently.

Glennis Rogerson, who leads the Club, has gained her Second Dan and also her Black Badge for Bo-staff and Sword.

The following gained their Purple Sashes (from the left in the photo) - Keith Meakin, Bob Price, Shelagh Price, Irene Jephcott, Susan Wieting [Glennis with her Second Dan Stripes] Kathryn Allatt, Julie Watson and Philip Watson. Maggie Dunne was absent.

In the back row are other members including Pat Warner and Mike Hewkin who gained their Yellow Sashes.

“Many thanks to David Hannan 6th Dan and his wife Stephanie who is a 5th Dan for giving up their time to assist with my testing and members of the Palms Tai chi Club who also assisted, Philip Watson, Michael Hewkin, Keith Meakin and Christine Dale,” said Glennis Rogerson.

“The [Purple Sash members] are now preparing to take their Brown Sash and per the syllabus are asked to take part in a project. These include Mandarin, Study of Chi, Chinese Astrology, Tai chi in other countries and the groups are having fun learning as well as making up new forms and practising new and old forms.

“We welcome any new members and the cost is £3 a week and Gradings are £4.50.”

Members meet at the County Hotel in Skegness on Monday mornings from 10am to 11.30am.

In other news, the Club has also opened a new branch in Mablethorpe and this will meet on Fridays from 10.30am to noon at the Mablethorpe Sports Centre in Station Road. The cost is £3 per attendance.

The club has also written up a Constitution and has opened a bank account in the last week, so they are now a fully formed club.

The first officers, who are unelected, are Chair Maggie Dunne, Christine Dale (Treasurer) and Glennis Rogerson (Secretary).

The first AGM will be held on February 10, 2014 at which elected officers will be chosen. This will be held at the County Hotel.