World title blow is tough to take for Bristow

Emma Bristow competes at the World SuperEnduro in Prague EMN-160317-103722002
Emma Bristow competes at the World SuperEnduro in Prague EMN-160317-103722002

A broken clutch lever robbed Emma Bristow of the chance to retain her Women’s World SuperEnduro title at the Tipsport Arena in Prague, Czech Republic.

During the riders’ briefing last Saturday morning, the entrants were told that their second round in Madrid would be cancelled, so the championship would be decided over the two races that night.

The stakes were high and 10,000 excited fans filled the arena to witness what was going to become a tense battle and, ultimately, a one-race showdown for the crown.

“Since finding out I would have only one chance to defend the title this year I have been trying to keep focussed,” Emma said.

“Free practise was good, I was lapping six seconds faster than my nearest competitors and I felt I had a lot more to give.

“In race one I made an early mistake but kept cool, managing to take the lead with a couple of laps to go and I just rode smooth to the finish line.

“I was happy to take the first win of the night but I knew it would all come down to race two.”

However, race two didn’t go to plan for Bristow, from Alford.

“I couldn’t have made a better start in race two, I took the holeshot rode at the front without pressure for five minutes,” she added,

“With just over a lap to go I lost my line through the rocks and didn’t have the speed to make the next log pile.

“I dropped the bike in a difficult position and broke my clutch lever, losing a lot of time and making it impossible to race to the finish.

“The last lap was difficult for me as I couldn’t race and soon realised it wasn’t going to be my night, having to settle for second position.

“It’s a tough blow to take as this title is important to me.

“My bike and set-up were incredible all day, the Sherco 250sef really is the perfect bike for this type of event and I would like to thank all my sponsors that continue to support me with the best equipment.”

Bristow is pictured in action.