Tri Club athletes pass the baton

Tri Club members ready for relay action.
Tri Club members ready for relay action.

The Zoot team relays in Nottingham was the big race for 16 members of Skeg Tri club on Saturday.

The relays are now in their 27th year and still growing in popularity amongst both novice and professional triathletes.

The format of the race is very different to a normal triathlon.

Each team has four members with one member being a team captain.

The first discipline for team member one is the 500m lake swim at Holme Pierrepont.

With cooler water temperature and hundreds of other swimmers around you it can feel like you’re in a washing machine.

At the swim exit, the swimmer then has to pass the baton to the second team member who then completes the same swim.

This continues until all four team members have swam.

Then the baton is passed to member one for the 15km bike leg and the routine starts again.

The cycle route is a fast ride on the path around the lake, so no traffic or pedestrians to worry about.

With gusts of wind, good bike control is essential, as is being observant of the geese who can wander in front of you.

When all four team members have completed the bike section it’s then a 5km run in turn until all four members can meet up and cross the finish line together.

Skeg Tri club entered four teams to race in the afternoon.

The venue has a fun atmosphere and with all abilities competing it’s a great event on the triathlon calendar.

Special mention to club members John Irving and Paul Harvey who completed their first open water swim race at the relays.

Results: Team Splash, Dash and Gravel Rash 4:08.08; Team Not fast Just Furious 4:13.50; Team Claire’s Angels 4:15.46; Team Skegness Tri Sloths 4:33.36