Title celebrations on hold after 501s win

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Runaway leaders Seaview Next Tuesday have been forced to put their Sid Dennis and sons Ltd Darts League Skegness celebrations on ice - following a 10-2 defeat to rivals Ex Service 501s.

Victory would have wrapped up the Web Signs Division One title, but 501s did their hopes of finishing second no harm with the win.

The highest-scoring game of the season had 85 scores of 100 or better, with 6x180s in the game and a fantastic 13-dart leg.

Nathan Careless (13 sheet shots including a maximum) and Mark Kirby (3x100, 120) were the only Seaview winners although Kristian Thein (2x100, 2x140, 180) and George Stocks (5x100, 134, 3x140) threw well.

The 501s scorers were Scott Sutton (5x100, 5x140 and 100 finish), Richard Hughes (7x100, 123,140, 180), Carl Parnham (4x100, 180), Carl Abbiss (5x100, 121, 123, 134, 3x140, 2x180), Gordon Smith (6x100, 140, 180), Chris Fletcher (100, 123,140) and Wayne Burles (3x100, 140).

Rowdy Mob maintained second with a 7-5 win over the Attic, who were without Rob Hewson and Jonathan Thorndike.

Shane Lowe (6x100, 139, 3x140 and 135 finish), David Tuplin (4x100), Rick Garner (5x100, 125, 3x140) and Lee Yates (2x100, 125) scored well for the Mob, with the Attic’s high scorers being Greg Richardson (8x100, 2x140), Keith Potter (116, 134, 104 finish), Ben Pritchard (2x100, 123, 3x140) and birthday boy Charlie Kemp (9x100, 2x140).

Highwayman won 8-4 against Ex Service Sports, aided by Mark Williams (3x100, 105, and a 126 finish), Lee Dore Snr (4x100, 121, 109 finish), Mark Oke (100, 103, 134, 2x140), Wayne Clarke (3x100, 121, 125) and Scott Smith (2x100, 125).

Mark Gray (100, 115, 116, 121, 125, 3x140), Gary Garton (4x100, 125, 140), Pete Evans (2x100, 105, 125, 140 and 180) were the pick for the Sports .

Another ding-dong affair saw Ex Service Cobras just edge past, Red Arrows who are already relegated and remain pointless.

Arrows held the advantage 3-2 early on, Nick Casswell (100, 125), Richard Jackson (3x100, 137) and Mark Simpson (3x100, 121) doing the damage.

When the doubles and trebles were shared the Arrows held a narrow 4-3 lead with five singles left.

Mark Simpson won the first to give them hope but Ian Chamberlain (4x100, 120, 121, 140), Roy Parnham (100, 133, 101 finish), Stuart Corsen (4x100) and Darrell Webb (4x100, 140) won the last four to turn the contest on its head, despite Stuart Hodson putting up a strong fight with 2x100, 120, 125, 140.

In the Piper Window Systems Ltd Division Two, champions elect Liberal Lads had a comfortable 7-1 at Welcome Hillbillies.

Nidge Stocks (100, 116, 140, 180) notched the Welcome’s only win as Chris Fisher (2x100), Gordon McQuillan (100, 139, 140) and Mark Carter (2x100, 120) were on form for the Lads.

Second-placed Ex Service Spitfires found themselves 4-0 down at Liberal Us before pulling level.

Hayley Reeson (3x100), James Jenkins (100, 134, 135), Stewart Giles (100, 134) and Peter Fox (4x100, 109 finish) struck before Rick Seaman (100, 106, 138), Liam Simms (3x100, 115, 134, 2x140), Martin Boss (2x100, 140) and Lee Woods (4x100, 180) pulled the Spitfires level.

Jewson Seaview Raiders beat Vine Allstars 6-2.

Peter East (8x100, 125, 133), Steven Emsen (3x100, 140, 162), Kieran Steven Emsen (121, 140) and Rob O’Brien (139, 140) threw well while Vine had L. Polish (3x100, 140) and Miles Hartley (171) in form.

This result puts the Raiders in second spot on account of their superior leg difference, but both Spitfires and themselves are four points behind Liberal lads.

Cricket Club were host to WMC Aces, the two sides drawing 4-4.

Paul Lucas (100, 135, 140) was a one-man wrecking machine but Aces responded with Kyle Davis (3x100), David Reding (117, 140) and Spencer Davis (100, 121, 125).

The first darts Pro-Am qualifier will take place on Friday, March 22 at the Ex Service Club.

It will begin at 8pm.

Entry costs £2 and points will be scored for each game won.

After eight events the top eight will play with this year’s pros.