Swim records are smashed

Kieva Clegg and Rico Bringeman with coach Ian Wells.
Kieva Clegg and Rico Bringeman with coach Ian Wells.

Boston Amateur Swimming Club youngsters Kieva Clegg and Rico Bringeman have been gaining national times and breaking club records.

Kieva is the first swimmer from Boston to gain a British National time since the Amateur Swimming Association changed the criteria four years ago.

This means Kieva is ranked among the top 24 fastest swimmers in Britian in the 17/18 age group at the 400m individual medley discipline.

Kieva will travel to Aberdeen this week to compete at the Scottish Nationals in a total of eight events, the action beginning on Friday.

Rico gained an English National time at the 13/14 years 1,500m freestyle event.

The 13-year-old is hoping to step up to the British Nationals next year.

Boston Amateur Swimming club have just finished this year’s club championships.

In preparation for her Nationals, Kieva broke 17 records out of a possible 18, with a few of those standing for 28 years.

Rico broke 11 records in the 13 years age group with Edvards Miller breaking two in the same age group.

Oscar Goldsmith is a name to look out for in the future, in the nine years age group he broke a total of 13 records.

Amelia Ridge broke five records in the 11 years age group, while Sophie Morsy broke two butterfly records in the 10 years age group.

Tegan Harrison broke the 200m breaststroke record in the 12 years age group and Thomas Bruce, in the same age group, broke the 800m freestyle record.