Skegness Indoor Bowls Club report


At the half way stage of the year in the club leagues there have been some very competitive matches with only shot difference deciding who heads the table. Layabouts lead Plebs in the men’s EBA League both with eighteen points.

A similar situation exists in the Ladies league where Genesis having beaten Hopefuls are behind them in the league on a slender shot margin.

Amigos lead previous winners of the Afternoon League First Division Comets, with thirty two points each, Amigos taking top spot having scored two shots more than Comets after twenty two games.

Having lost just one match in the Intermediate League, Rough Diamonds are eight points clear from Who RU.

Takeaway have taken over the Second Division of the Afternoon League with twenty eight points from Boldover, who have the same number of points as early leaders Copains.

With two games in hand and a three point advantage Plebs look good in the Frank Woods Evening Triples League with Challengers living up to their name in second.

The Men’s Over 55 Football League leaders are Leicester, who have a game in hand over second placed Wolves.

A new Mixed Triples League features teams using birds names and it is Budgies who lead the way with a perfect record from Roadrunners, with Kites, ptarmigans, Wrens and Doves yet to find their form.

Successful in the Club Men’s Pairs Competition were Gerry Armstrong and Brian Kilby, Mick and Carl York, Peter Rusher and Ray Tasker, Peter Hopkins and Bryn Foxon, Ivan Storr and George Curley.

In the Club Singles, Alan Irving goes into the next round.

Ladies County Triples club heat winners were Lynne Rigby, Val Huggins and Anne Bramley, joining Men’s County Triples entrants George Curley, Dave Conroy and Brynn Foxon in progressing to the next round.