Monkeys overpower Dads Army

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It was top versus bottom as league leaders Alcoholic Shrew Monkeys traveled to the Countryman to take on Dads Army in the Sid Dennis and Sons Ltd Division One of the William Hill Darts League.

The away side showed their superiority and ran out 6-4 winners in a game with 57 scores of 100 or better.

The home side’s Darrell Webb (5x100, 120, 2x121, 3x140 and a 20-dart leg), Barry Grenfell (3x100), Ken Wilson​ (6x100) and Steve Gillings (2x100, 135, 2x140) threw well.

Shrew Monkeys responded with Shaun Drury (4x100, 121, 2x140), Colin Lees (​9x100, 121, 123, 139, 140), Martin Bell​ (8x100, 140, 107 finish) and David Tuplin (​2x100, 122, 125, 180).

Second-placed Barkham Arms beat the luckless Boathouse 501s 7-3.

Barkham’s high scorers were Justin Beasor​ (3x100), George Millington​ (2x100, 117, 123, 133, 134), Chris Simpson​ (2x100, 2x125, 136) and Anthony Hulley (3x100, 3x140, 180 and a 20 dart leg) while the 501s had Lee Woods (125, 140), Jamie Cooper​ (100, 119, 125) and Gary Garton​ (7x100, 125, and a 18 dart leg) throwing well.

The game of the night took place at the New Park club, where Rangers took on Liberal Club.

After Gordon McQuillan (5x100, 123, 2x140) beat Brad Martin (5x100, 134, 2x140) the Liberals were in front.

The hosts then took the next five before Liberal’s Matt Reeson​ (2x100, 125, 3x140) and Mark Carter (6x100, 121 , 121 , 140, 180) took the first two of the second set of singles to pull it back to 5-3.

Rangers’ Graham Fitton​ (4x100 121, 125, 2x140) beat Eric Hammond (100, 125) to give the home side the valuable sixth point before Gordon got his second win of the night leaving to finish at 6-4.

Rangers’ Graham Froud​ also hit 3x100 and 140.

In the Sid Dennis and Sons Ltd Division Two, second played third as Seaview Raiders hosted second-placed WMC Amigos.

The opening singles finished at 2-2 with Amigos’ Mick Jones (180, 105, 122) and Gareth Jowett​ (123, 138) winning.

The doubles were also shared to leave the game balanced at 3-3, but the final singles saw Mick Jones give his side a narrow lead, defeating Barry Taylor, who hit a 180.

Raiders captain Steven Emsen​ (120, 138, 3x140) beat David Reding​ (2x100, 135, 140) to square things off once again before veteran chucker Peter East​ (132, 2x140) edged Raiders ahead. The contest finished 6-4 as Kieran Emsen​ got the better of Gareth Jowett.

Railroad Cobras beat Boathouse Bouys 6-4.

Mark Saunders (133 and 20 dart leg) gave the Buoys hope as they were level at 4-4.

However, Ian Chamberlain and Ray Bettison won the last two singles.

Basement side Three Tuns led 2-0 but were beaten 8-2 by Finnegans, who had Phil Lonslow (2x100, 140), Trevor Kempton (100, 116, 125), Aide Betteridge (140) and Fred Foster in form.