Hillbillies roll into next round with shock win

Gordon Smith and Rob Hewson with Chris Fletcher.
Gordon Smith and Rob Hewson with Chris Fletcher.

The Skegness Darts League’s Knockout Cup preliminary round saw the Vine take on Welcome Hillbillies.

After sharing the singles 3-3, with Vine’s M. Spence (3x100, 2x140), C. Melon (100, 125, 140), H. Reekes (122, 140) and D. Pendrigh (140, 114 finish) leading the way in the high scores, Hillbillies won the first pairs to lead 5-3.

Jodie Royal.

Jodie Royal.

However, the Vine took the second pairs to level, so at 5-5 it was game on in a winner-takes-all final doubles.

Step up A. Bell and C. Stocks to win this and the match for the Hillbillies.

So, having not won a game for years, the Hillbillies followed up their win a couple of weeks ago, that was wiped out with a division re-structure, with another one.

Could this be the year of the Hillbillies?

In the Sid Dennis and Sons Ltd Division One, a re-arranged fiixture took place as Ex Service Sports hosted Ex Service Cobra.

Helped by Brad Martin (4x100, 137, 2x140, 19 and 21 dart legs), Gary Garton (4x100, 2x125, 140, 20, and 21 dart legs), Graham Froud (100, 127) and Pete Evans (121, 140) Sports led 4-2 after the singles.

They then won two of the doubles to run out 8-4 winners with Gary Garton and Mark Gray (5x100, 122, 123, 140) hitting a 20 dart doubles leg.

Ken Wilson (5x100) and partner Ian Chamberlain hit a 19 dart doubles leg.

Stuart Corsen (2x100, 180) and Darrell Webb (2x100, 125, 134) were on target for the Cobras.

There was a singles knockout at the Seaview Pub.

A field of 34 lined up with sights set on the top prize of £80, playing a best-of-five format from start to finish.

The preliminary round threw up a cracking game as Christopher Royal took on Scott Smith, Scott progressing with a 3-0 win.

He then beat Gareth Jowett and Wez Elston without dropping a leg before coming up against Kristian Thein, moving into the semis with a 3-2 win.

Gordon Smith was to be his opponent in the final four after he beat Nick Casswell 3-0 and Gary Walborn 3-1.

The other half of the draw saw Ben Pritchard defeat Levi Heams 3-1, Otis King 3-2 and then Rick Seaman 3-1 to progress to the semis.

Rob Hewson was there waiting for him after some good performances against Shaun Willson 3-0, Wayne Burles 3-0 and Mark Forman 3-1.

Gordon Smith beat Scott Smith 3-1, Scott picking up the high finish prize with a fantastic 131.

Rob Hewson beat Ben Pritchard 3-0.

In the final Rob stormed into a 2-0 lead, but Gordon fought back to level.

And with a fantastic 114 checkout, Gordon completed the great escape, winning 3-2.

The first-round losers competition saw Chris Simpson pick up the £25 winners’ prize after beating Christopher Royal in the final.

Jodie Leigh Royal picked up the ladies’ prize.