Emma maintains her 100 per cent record

Emma Bristow.
Emma Bristow.

Emma Bristow claimed another first place finish to maintain her 100 per cent record in the Ladies’ British Trials.

Round five was held at the tough Bracken Rocks venue near Matlock in Derbyshire.

Emma Bristow.

Emma Bristow.

Heavy early morning rain would make the 12 hazards - each to be ridden three times - even harder, but the sunshine would eventually break through to help dry the rocks as the day progressed.

Alford’s Bristow - the defending British Champion - finished in top spot on her MRS Sherco, to claim a win in each of the four rounds she has competed in.

“I am very happy to have won in the tough conditions,” she said.

“On the first lap it was quite difficult to understand how the hazards would ride as the rain had made them very slippery.

“I misjudged my speed on the step at section five but this was my only stop on my opening lap as I took an early lead.

“On the second and third laps I had the measure of hazards to bring my laps scores down even further to eventually take a clear cut win conceding no more five mark penalties.”

Results: 1 Emma Bristow (MRS Sherco) 31, 2 Becky Cook (SXS) 60, 3 Donna Fox (Sherco) 89, 4 Jess Bown (Scorpa) 103, 5 Chloe Richardson (Beta) 147.