Double delight as Bristow bags a brace

Emma Bristow in action at Zona 1.
Emma Bristow in action at Zona 1.

Emma Bristow has claimed a double victory at the Ladies British Trials Championship.

Competing in rounds three and four of the event at the Zona 1 MCC site near Birdlip, the Alford ace scooped the win in Saturday’s Whitaker Cup.

She followed that up by claiming the Cotswold Cup on Sunday - to see her sit on top of the overall standings. Both of the days’ action took place over three laps of 10 sections.

Reflecting on Saturday’s win, Emma - riding the MRS Sherco - said: “The day one action would take place in the heavily-wooded venue which was in a very slippery mood, which was made harder by a downpour.

“In these conditions the grip level from the Sherco was excellent and as the day wore on and the conditions became more difficult my performance improved to make me a clear winner.”

After lifting the Cotswold Cup, Emma added: “Day two was a total contrast to day one with the rocky venue in dry conditions making for a much closer contest.

“I knew that with the severity of the hazards not allowing for any mistakes I would have to keep my concentration levels very high. After parting with marks on the opening two laps I kept my feet firmly on the footrests for the final lap to secure the victory.”