Burtons top twice

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Boston & District

Bowls Leagues

Three Wood League

Division One

With most clubs having played 10 matches, Burton House lead the league with 100 points, with BBC and Kirton in second and third place with 75 points each.

This week’s results were saw BBC beat Sibsey by 71-52, Kirton beat Woodhall Town by 71-53, Sleaford Road lost at home against Burton House by 53-77 and West End B beat Wigtoft by 78-62.

Division Two

Forbes Road and Frieston jointly lead division two with 76 points each, with West End A in third place with 60 points.

This week Woodhall B lost against Jubilee Park B by 54-82, Goodfellowship lost against Forbes Road by 58-76, and Freiston beat West End A by 59-43.

Two Wood League

Division One

Burton House lead the Two Wood League with 70 points.

In second are Sleaford Road with 47 points and in third place are Woodhall Town with 41points.

This week’s results saw Swineshead draw with West End B 73-73, Woodhall Town lose to Burton House by 63-97 and Sleaford Road beat Wigtoft by 73-64.

Division Two

BBC head Division Two with 64 points, Kirton are in second place with 59 points and Freiston are third with 48 points.

BBC beat Freiston by 85-70, West End beat Jubilee Park by 86-69 and Sibsey lost to Kirton by 63-74.

Three Wood 9 Player

Division One

Friskney lead division one with 65 points, Freiston A and second with 47 points and Freiston B are third with 28 points.

Freiston B lost to Freiston A by 38-57.

Freiston A also beat Burton House by 53-44, the leaders Friskney lost against Burton House by 51-57 and Goodfellowship beat Stickney by 59-41.

Division Two

Wigtoft lead division two with 43 points, Kirton are second with 33 points and Forbes Road are third with 26 points.

This week Kirton B lost to Kirton A 45-67.