Amigos can’t match the Matadors

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Ex Service Matadors moved to the top of the Skegness Darts League table with a resounding 10-0 victory over WMC Amigos.

Mark Thompson (100, 117, 121, 5x140), Ben Pritchard (7x100), Sam Hewson (5x100, 117, 2x125, 140 and a 13 dart leg) and Charlie Kemp (114 finish) threw well while Amigos had Alan Haycock (2x100, 140) and Spencer Davis (4x100, 120, 136, 140) putting up a resistance.

Two teams without a win met at the Ex Service Club, as Spitfires hosted Liberal Us.

The two sides shared the opening singles and doubles to leave the match perfectly balanced at 3-3 going into the final set of singles.

Mark Mcarthur (6x100) gave the away side the edge and Tim Clarke (7x100, 140, 108 finish) followed that with a win over Jamie Cooper (3x100, 135, 2x140) to give the Liberal a 5-3 lead.

Ray Whitton (100, 125) got a win for Spitfires but Stewart Giles (121, 123, 133) stepped up to secure the 6-4 victory for the Liberal.

Spitfires’ Rick Seaman (3x100, 125, 2x140, 180) was the man of the match.

The Liberal Lads hosted Ex Service Sports - with Sports losing their unbeaten record.

The Liberal raced into a 5-1 lead with Gordon McQuillan (4x100, 4x140, 2x180 an 18 and 14 dart leg), Eric Hammond (121, 125, 135, 156, 20 dart leg) and Paul Gelder (8x100, 121 and 21 darter) leading the way.

Sports had no answer to this as Liberal ran out 7-3 winners, although Brad Martin (3x100, 125, 134, 137, 140 and a 20 dart doubles leg with partner Gary Garton), Gary Garton (3x100, 125, 4x140, 116 finish and singles legs of 14 and 15 darts), Graham Froud (2x100, 125, 135) tried to resist.

Railroad Cobra’s took the first two singles against Ex Service 501s, but Chris Fletcher (2x100, 115, 133, 135, 140, 180, 79 and 82 finish and 18 dart leg), Pete Evans (4x100, 121, 135, 3x140), Christopher Royal (4x100, 140) and Ian Chamberlain (3x123, 123, 125, and a 20 dart leg) made sure that the 501s romped home 8-2.

Rise of ASMs have found life tough this season, but they picked up win number one with a 6-4 success against Seaview Raiders.

Captain Lee Yates (3x100, 125, 140 and 100 finish) won the final singles to claim the win.

For ASMs, Martin Bell (100, 120 121, 180) and David Tuplin (100, 121, 128 140 106 finish) did well while Raiders came close through Steven Emsen (3x100, 123, 125, 135, 140) and Steve Gillings (3x100, 116, 140, 102), who was unbeaten on the night.

A fantastic match took place at Red Lion as they hosted the Highwayman.

The first singles were shared 2-2, but Highwayman then took both the doubles to lead 4-2 with Lee Dore Snr (3x100, 125, 128, 140, 180 and a 17 dart leg), Wayne Clarke (7x100, 2x140, 180), Dave Brewin (6x100, 121) and Wayne Burles (6x100, 121, 3x140) putting them firmly in the driving seat.

Red Lion rallied with Chris Simpson (5x100, 123, 2x125, 135, 131, 2x140, 118 finish and a 17 dart leg), Anthony Hulley (8x100, 119, 125, 140 and a 19 darter), and Scott Smith (6x100, 137, 180, 125 finish and a cracking 15 dart leg) but it was to be Highwayman’s night as they ended up 6-4 winners again, their third cosecutive 6-4 win.