A monster attraction
at Skegness

Monster truck action.
Monster truck action.

A Monster Motorfest is coming to the Skegness Stadium over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Two days of monster trucks and car racing will be held on Sunday and Monday.

Resident Monster Truck Slingshot will be involved in a jump off with Swamp Thing to see who can leap the highest and crush the most cars.

Racing comes from the bangers gold roof race featuring the rookie bangers’ main race of the year, where they have been scoring points over the last 12 months to get the best positions on the grid.

Stoxkarts and rebels will make up the racing formulas.

The action will conclude on Monday with a banger and caravan destruction derby.

Tickets cost £14 (£12 seniors, £6 13-15 years, 12 and unders go free - not including Brisca F1 events) but discounted tickets can be bought up to 24 hours in advance. For details log onto www.skegness-stadium.info