Southview’s Graham takes top spot

SOUTHVIEW’S Graham Warren took top spot in the latest open at Southview on Saturday, August 27.

Fishing the glowing thod, Graham found it hard going so he went on the feeder and started to catch some nice carp and he stuck with it to take top spot with 47lb 2oz

Second was Skegness ace angler Ian Boden, fishing long pole with a nice cruey net of 39lb 7oz.

The results were:- 1, Graham Warren, Southview, 47lb 2oz peg 4; 2, Ian Boden, Skegness, 39lb 7oz peg 10; 3, Joe McCormack, Southview, 30lb 11oz peg 16; 4, Dave Saxon, Barnsley, 24lb 8oz peg 19; 5, Terry Moakes, Southview, 22lb 1oz peg 12; 6, Roger Nicholson, Sub Fish, 17lb 15oz peg 13.