SO Festival volunteer appeal

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THE HUNDRED day count-down to the Olympic Games is approaching and to mark the occasion, organisers of this year’s closely affiliated So Festival have made an appeal for one hundred volunteers.

Leader of East Lindsey District Council Coun Doreen Stephenson has encouraged local people to take part in Bicycle Ballet - one of this year’s many exciting festival inclusions.

Speaking yesterday at the North Shore Car Park, where the performance will take place, Coun Stephenson said: “This is a wonderful opportunity to be involved with an exciting project, meet new people and to be a part of the community.”

Bicycle Ballet will see 100 cyclists take part in a 30 minute formation performance, exploring the highs and lows of urban cycling, based on the bike-riding experiences of real people.

Featuring a fusion of dance, theatre, and circus performances, the choreographers hope to create an exhilarating visual spectacle while engaging local people through participation.

With its sporting ties and healthy message, Bicycle Ballet is a great example of the connections ELDC has attempted to foster with the 2012 London Games to capitalise on the nation-wide sense of celebration.

Coun Stephenson continued: “We’ve always been very supportive of the Olympic Games ever since it was announced that London would be hosting and as a champion of 2012, I’m very keen to ensure that the whole community takes part so that we can achieve a lasting legacy - not just of memories but also of people taking part in the activities.”

Although a basic knowledge of cycling is desirable, volunteers will be given comprehensive training and are not expected to be experts.

One of the volunteers to have signed up already, has shown that the desire to take part and have some fun, is far more important than being a cycling fanatic.

Lauren Marshall enjoys an occasional bike ride, but it was her involvement with the Game Time dance performance at last year’s SO Festival, which motivated her decision to sign up for Bicycle Ballet.

She said: “Taking part in Games Time was very rewarding and a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the county while getting involved with something for the community.

“I was amazed when I saw how big the audience was and hopefully Bicycle Ballet will be more of the same.”

The official 100-day count down to the Olympics begins on Wednesday, April 18.

To volunteer in the Bicycle Ballet, contact James Turner at ELDC on 01507 613444 or email