Skegness wants a roller rink

OVERWHELMING enthusiasm has been expressed by the Skegness community in support of plans to re-establish a roller skating rink in the town.

A facebook group called ‘Skegness Wants a Roller Skating Rink!’ set up to gauge interest in the proposal was joined by almost 2,000 people in a matter of days.

Recreational roller skater Matthew Coutts created the group after moving to the area and discovering to his disappointment that the Skegness did not have a rink.

After reading a story in the Standard in which Georgina Hammond expressed her intention to set up a Skegness roller derby team, he felt there may be sufficient demand in the town to warrant the creation of such a facility and together they began investigating the possibility further.

He said: “There are many people who seem to have very fond memories of roller skating when there was a rink in the town, which this group has revived.

“If it went ahead it would bring a multitude of extra recreational opportunities for residents and tourists alike.

“We’ve got the idea which would like to make happen now we are looking for people’s views on the matter and possible investors to come forward.”

Initially Matthew thought the former Kwick Save site on Old Wainfleet Road could be a perfect location for the rink.

However, after discussing the proposal with town centre manager Stefan Krause he learnt the commercial costs associated with such a site my be too high.

Mr Krause fully supports Matthew’s ‘inspirational proposal’ and has offered his advice on putting together a detailed feasibility study into the costs and venues to apply for funding to help him realise his aspiration.

Matthew would like to hear from potential investors or enthusiastic skaters who would be interested in operating the rink as some sort of community-run enterprise.

If you have any suggestions or would like to get involved with the plans email Matthew at