Rugby: Skegness 2nd XV 17, Lincoln 3rds 26

Sports News.
Sports News.

The Skegness second team entertained Lincoln’s third team on Saturday in what turned out to be an exciting and well fought out encounter.

Skegness battled well with quality forward play led by Linnell, Farnsworth and Spiers.

Veteran Trevor Hill opened the scoring after some determined play by Nuttall and Delafontayne, giving Skegness a well deserved lead.

The flow of play continued in the favour of Skegness, however Lincoln battled back with ferocity to take a half-time lead, 10-19.

Skegness began the second half in a positive fashion. Back play led by Hardy, Spikings and Thompson brought the blue and whites back into contention.

Man of the Match Sam Lempard drove forward, bringing the side back into contention with the evergreen Machin scoring a well-deserved try.

However, the well-drilled Lincoln side refused to lie down and battled well to prevent Skegness’s relentless attack.

Dave Hotchen led the side back into the game, and continued hard work from Holiday, Johnson and Hardy gave Skegness hope.

Newcomers Foxwell and Benson shone, offering hope of snatching the game late on, but sadly this was not to be the case.

“Well done Skegness, a tremendous effort,” Said a spokesperson.

Skegness: Linnell, Hill, Delafontayne, Farnsworth, Johnson, Spiers, Lempard, Machin, Hotchen, Nuttall, Hardy, Holiday, Spikings, Foxwell, Thompson; Sub - Benson (second half).