Rugby: Seconds lose to tough Scunthorpe side

Skegness 2nd XV travelled to Scunthorpe for a league fixture arranged at short notice, to find a very strong home side whose powerful pack dominated the early phases of play.

Skegness soon found themselves 14-0 down, however this prompted an admirable rearguard with some resilient defence and tremendous tackling.

As this squad has showed in the past, they quite simply refuse to throw in the towel and in the second half stemmed the flow of points and indeed scored a deserved try through Spikings.

Scunthorpe ran out deserved winners, but skipper Andy Hill was greatly encouraged by the commitment and fight demonstrated by all of the Skegness players.

Skegness - Farnsworth, Linnell, Turner, Tasker, Hill, Spiers, Machin, Nuttall, Cameron, Delafontayne, Bignell, Brian, Spikings, Hummell, Hotchen.