Peel pair hit Shetlands

Eddie and Ben Peel.
Eddie and Ben Peel.

Two dedicated runners from the Skegness Coasters travelled up to the Shetland Islands to compete in the ninth annual Simmer Dim Half Marathon on Sunday.

Ben Peel and Eddie Peel gained times of 2 hrs 3 mins and 3 hrs respectively.

They were the third team to make it to the finish line and Eddie also received a medal for being the first over 70s veteran to finish.

The race started at Cunningsburgh and looped around the village there, before heading up the stunning coastal road to the capital Lerwick.

Although only 82 runners finished, making it one of the smallest half marathons in terms of competitors, it was, despite the tough course, still friendly and enjoyable.

Skegness Coasters cater for all abilities and meets every Tuesday at The Welcome Inn at 6.30pm.