Motor-racing ace for Stadium


SKEGNESS STADIUM is set to host a fun-filled afternoon of top entertainment for the family this Sunday - and a local World champion will be back on the Skeggy tarmac for the big day.

The fun afternoon of racing runs from 2pm this Sunday (November 6), and children under 12 will be admitted free.

Skegness will be well represented on the track on the day.

“Local Skegness Driver World Champion Mark Simpson will be back on the Skegness tarmac,” said a spoksperson.

“Skegness driver Jason Wilkinson is leading the Summer Series. Also in the top ten are Skeggy drivers ,a nd other locals will be racing in the stock cars.”

“The 1300 Saloon Stock Cars track points will also be decided today, so there will be plenty of action, crashing and bashing in this popular formula,” they added.

Elsewhere there will be banger races - including some with ramps - and a fantastic banger and caravan destruction derby, where up to eight cars towing caravans around the tricky tarmac surface while trying to win the race and smash each other up in the process.

The fun will end with a massive professional firework display, set to music.

The afternoon will start with a parade of vehicles at 1.45pm. Turnstiles open at 12.30pm.

Admission is £13 for adults and £5 for juniors. Under 12s are free. Advance discount tickets are available by ringing info line 0844 559 1228 with card details or

If you want to just watch the final races of the day, the fireworks display, bangers, and caravan destruction derby then admission from 4pm is £5 for adults and juniors.

All of the events at Skegness Stadium are in support of Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance.