Ladies’ Hockey: Horncastle 2nds 0, Alford Ladies 2nds 4

Alford Ladies 2nds stepped out on a very cold Sunday afternoon to face Horncastle 2nds away.

From the off the Alford team were determined to make today’s match significant placing great effort in ensuring every opportunity was made use of.

Alford dominated the field with great team work between the midfield of Tracy LeGate and Claire Smith passing the ball through to the forward line finding centre-forward Jess Woods, who made use of a break in the Horncastle defence and scoring in the 24th minute.

The second half of the match saw a refreshed Horncastle side striking out to defend their home ground and to even the score.

However their efforts were in vain as the dynamic teamwork of sisters Sophie and Jess Wood brought the ball in to the defence D with Jess Wood scoring another goal in the 45th minute increasing the lead to 2-0.

Alford 2nds were not finished there, with great runs put in from Tracy LeGate up to the wing of Kelly LeGate pushing the ball into the defence’s D again, with a strike by Sophie Wood finding the back of the Horncastle net again in the 57th minute.

Alford 2nds continued to hold the field and a further run on goal found the stick of Sophie Wood. which she duly converted to bringing the final score to 4-0 to Alford 2nds.

The team would like to dedicate their win today in memory of John Cook, a much missed and valued supporter of Alford.

Alford 2nds team: Mykey Rockall (Capt), Harriet Hanwell (vice-capt), Jo Dembry, Holly Franks, Charlotte Bee, Kenzie Gray, Tracy LeGate, Kelly LeGate, Claire Smith, Jess Wood, Sophie Wood.