Ladies’ Hockey: Horncastle 2, Skegness 0

Skegness Ladies were edged out 2-0 away at strong league rivals Horncastle following a fiercely competed match on Saturday.

Horncastle started strong by being heavy on the defence but also quick up front.

Skegness were bombarded and Horncastle took the lead with the first goal of the game.

The battle continued as Skegness pushed forward with many attempts at goal but no equaliser was scored.

Horncastle then claimed another goal to make it 2-0 at half time.

After the break Skegness came back stronger and even more willing to score as Horncastle powered through on several attempts but couldn’t break through goalkeeper Jenny Rutter.

Despite plenty of breaks and fantastic shots the ball just wouldn’t go in leaving the match victory to Horncastle at 2-0.

The man of the match was jointly awarded to Kin Fegan and Lara Potts. Skegness Ladies Hockey Team would like to congratulate Emma Shelbourn on her fantastic title of youngest English umpire to have an international cap.