Ladbrokes Darts League

Sports News.
Sports News.

There were three 11-1 thumpings in the Ladbrokes Darts League’s Sid Dennis and Sons division one this past week.

Steelers enjoyed one of the huge wins as the expense of Ex-Service Sports, where Sports’ P Evans got their only leg along with a maximum.

Steelers had high scores from M Thompson (2x140), C Abbiss (137, 140), and S. Wilson (121, 125, 2x140).

Outsiders also won 11-1 over the Seaview Raiders, with Raiders’ G Poulter getting their only leg with 125, 180 .

The Cobras had the same result against Liberal Adams Family. Cobras’ S Corsen had an 18 dart leg, T Smith (120, 121, 140), D Webb (2x140), and the Cobra himself (125, 140).

The final game in this division saw Ex-Service 501s travel to Barkham Arms where a close game took place. The sides were locked at three-all after the singles. 501s’ C Fletcher (135, 140) and L Dore won the first pairs, hitting an 18 darter to put them in the driving seat and their duo of C Parnham and L Woods went one better checking out in 15 darts, but ended up losing to set the game up nicely on the last pairs.

It was Barkhams’ pair of K Wilson (125, 2x140) and S Kirkham that held their nerve to gain the victory seven-five. J Burkitt got 2x140 for 501s, and Barkham’s C Simpson got 125, 3x140.

In Sid Dennis and Sons division two Liberal Us continued their good form this week with an eight-four win away at the Welcome Hillbillies, with D Martin (135, 140), and P Johnson (121, 180) high scoring.

Vine travelled to the Royal Oak and came away with an impressive nine-three win. Cricket Club took on Ex-Service C, and were locked together at four apiece only for the Ex-Service to up their game and win the final two pairs and the match eight-four.

Finnigans played host to WMC Aces and it was the Aces in the driving seat after taking the singles four-two with G Jowett getting 121 and 140.

The home team then took the first two pairs to lead six-four, but the Aces’ last pair of M Seager and G Cooper got the better of captain B Proom and M Munn to get the draw.

So with their nearest rivals Finnigans only drawing and Royal Oak losing, leaders Liberal Lads had the chance to assert their position.

Although it was another close game against Welcome Anchors - five-all with the last pairs to play - it was the Lads pairing of J Fernyhough, and M Peech (2x133) that took the game seven-five.

Liberal Lads’ I Parnaby had a 17 dart singles leg, and captain E Hammond got 127 and 174.