Judo club members make the grade at Gainsborough event

Club members at the grading.
Club members at the grading.

Members of Skegness and Seathorne Judo clubs attended the local area grading at Gainsborough Leisure Centre.

While most went for the purpose of grading, others were there for refereeing awards.

Full results: Juveniles (under 8s): Grace Ramsden- Red 3 White, Ethan Warhurst – Red 1 Yellow, Borys Chojoncki – Red 1 Orange.

Juniors (8–16 years): Rio Dickinson – White 1 Yellow, Alycia Dickinson – White 2 Yellow, Patrick Fox – Yellow, Bradley & Nicole Meese – Yellow 2 Orange, Jake Meese – Yellow 3 Orange, Thomas Lemmon – Orange, William Midgeley – Green, Lewis Grace – Brown 2 Black and Katie Marsden – Brown 3 Black.

Also attending the grading were Ethan Steele, John Midgeley, and Alan Lowis, who all refereed and officiated throughout the day.

For more information about either Judo club ring Mark Mason on 01754 899364 or Malcolm Sawyer on 01754 763977 or visit skegnessjudo.com.