Josh in driving seat to flag up charity

Josh in action.
Josh in action.

Racing at an incredible 130mph and accelerating from 0-60mph in three seconds, Skegness’s Josh Rayman will return to national racing in the MSA British Superkart 250cc Championship.

As well as competing in a six-round championship beginning in May, including a local round at Cadwell in September - Josh will also raise awareness for the British Tinnitus Association.

Tinnitus, for which there is no cure, affects around 10 per cent of the UK and manifests as ringing, whistling, buzzing or humming in the head and ears; and up to half of sufferers find it moderately or severely distressing.

For 23-year-old Josh, supporting the BTA is important:

“I suffer from the condition in a mild form, which I believe was contracted due to a combination of my racing activities as a child and live music.”

After costly engine damage and university studies put racing on hold, Rayman returns as part of the Ramotek racing team, headed by former international bike mechanic Mark Jarvis, from Skendleby.

Josh will first put his fundraising efforts into gear in March, where he will run in the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon.

“Raising awareness about hearing protection is important. I always use earplugs in loud environments now,” said Josh.

February 4-10 is Tinnitus Awareness Week, to support the charity aspect of Joshua’s campaign, or even his racing, contact 07724117228 or visit