Fresh Fitness gym dishes out awards at annual Members’ Party

The awards were handed out last week. Photo supplied.
The awards were handed out last week. Photo supplied.
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Fresh Fitness in Skegness honoured several of its members at the gym’s annual Members’ Party last week.

The presentations were made at the Richmond Holiday Centre in Skegness on Friday.

Prize draws took place, all to help raise money for supporting & encouraging fitness in youth.

Throughout the evening a whopping £2,600 was raised for Swifts Junior FC.

Fresh Fitness members and staff have been voting over the past couple of months for whom they felt should win the awards and the reasons why.

Fresh Fitness manager, Mark Belton, said: “I’m immensely impressed by all the positive feedback the customer have given towards the staff and the reasons why they voted.

“It’s wonderful to hear so much positive feedback about them.”

The staff members’ awards were given for examples of exceptional customer service, high performance, and dedication to their roles by fulfilling their jobs to their full potential and being a great team player.

The members’ awards were given for examples of being dedicated and continually attending the facility, completing exceptionally hard challenges, being enthusiastic on whatever goal or challenges have been set and being devoted to keeping healthy and fit.

Fresh Fitness would like to thank everyone that got involved and helped out during the evening.

If you would like to help out or get involved call Fresh Fitness on 01754 769265 for more details.

Pictured at the presentation are (from left) Ben Bloodworth (staff member who won Top Performance Award), Ben Wift (staff), Jack Johnson (staff member who won Members’ ‘Staff Member’ Award), Miles Green (staff), Janet Harmston (who won Members’ Enthusiasm & Dedication Award), Becky Taylor (staff member who won staff’s ‘Staff member Award’), Keely Smith (who won Members’ Achievement award), and Mark Belton (Fresh Fitness Manager who presented the awards).