Financial support needed for beach racing

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Organisers of a beach racing competition which draws thousands of off-season visitors to Skegness have asked for financial support to save the event after repeated financial losses.

The Amateur Motorcycle Association has asked Skegness Town Council to contribute to next November’s fourth scheduled Motorcross Beach Race.

General manager Suzanne Potts wrote: “Whilst the event has been a success in terms of attracting riders and spectators, financially it has not been so good.

“We lost money in the first two years but had hoped that as the event became established year three would see it go into ‘the black’ and start to recoup the previous losses.

“As an amateur association, unfortunately, unless I can demonstrate to the membership that this event isn’t going to be a financial drain on the association we may have to consider withdrawing the event, which I personally feel would be a great shame.”

Councillors at last Wednesday’s meeting agreed that the event, which this year drew an estimated 22,000 spectators, was a great asset for the town, but questioned whether the ‘public purse’ ws the best source of financial help.

Coun Dick Edgington said: “Perhaps financial support should come from the wider business community rather than the public purse.

“We all know that the public purse has been through severe strains and so it would be better if a request of this nature was met by the wider business community, which benefits from the influx of people, particularly during the off-season.”

Coun Phil Kemp felt it ‘strange’ that the association was losing money despite attracting more visitors each year and felt spectator contributions could help close the deficit.

And Coun Steve Kirk agreed that while Skegness Town Council could put some money in, other organisations should also contribute.

“This has partnership all over it,” he said.

It was agreed that the Amateur Motorcycling Association should be directed towards grant funding schemes and that the East Lincolnshire Destination Management Organisation and Skegness Partnership be asked to contribute.