Father and son martial artists display their skills at official kickboxing grading

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-140818-134525001

BCKA kickboxing Leicestershire and Rutland area instructor Brent Penniston went to Corby to take a formal grading with Master Barrowman this summer.

It was an official 4th Degree British Chinese Kung fu/Kickboxing Association Black belt.

Penniston said: “I went to take my grading as it’s important to show students that you always need to train hard and improve even at a senior level.

“There are always ways to train and advance in the sport, even though I have stopped competing in the ring the level of commitment is still there and the need to advance is still a high priority.

“I am especially pleased my eight-year-old son, Logan Penniston has just achieved his senior brown belt becoming the youngest ever student from the Leicestershire area to gain a brown belt.He is now focused on grading to green Sash in Kung fu.”

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