Emma claims second Ladies’ British Trials Championship

Dan Thorpe presents Emma Bristow with her awards.
Dan Thorpe presents Emma Bristow with her awards.

It was a day of celebration for Emma Bristow as she confidently guided the Malcolm Rathmell Sport Sherco to her second Ladies’ British Trials Championship in round seven at Richmond, in Reeth.

The final round was held high on the wind swept Fremington Edge in North Yorkshire above the Market town of Reeth in fine weather and contested over three laps of 12 predominantly rocky hazards.

Emma said: “I knew that anything barring a disaster would give me my second title but I still applied my-self 100 per cent to the job in hand.

“Six of the seven rounds in the series count towards the championship and I have won six from the seven, which I am very happy with.

“I parted with no marks on my opening two laps and concentrated on riding my own trial.

“On the final tour of the hazards I parted with four marks but I had done enough work earlier in the competition to give me a clear winning margin and the title of British Trials Champion once again.

“My 2015 model MRS Sherco has once again showed how good it performs and given me the confidence to take another crown.

“Even though I ride the machine in the competitions I consider the title campaign as part of a team effort and I would like to thank everyone involved for their sponsorship and support.”