Cooke books spot in final

Scott Smith (right) went on a tremendous 20-match winning streak.
Scott Smith (right) went on a tremendous 20-match winning streak.

Neil Cooke booked his place in the Skegness Darts League’s Lowe v Mitchell final - on a night where Scott Smith went on a fantastic 20-game winning streak.

Cooke will now feature in the teams match captained by oche aces John Lowe and Scott Mitchell, to be held on February 23, after winning the last-man standing event.

However, Smith did his hopes of qualifying no harm thanks to his huge points haul on the night.

The fourth qualifier was held at the Liberal Club this week, and a massive field of 37 all had hopes of making one of the teams.

The previous three winners - Mark Carter, Chris Simpson and Spencer Davis - were also in attendance.

Lee Woods drew number one and he was beaten by Sean Willis.

Number three David Tuplin went on a four-match run, beating Sean, Wayne Burles, Darrell Webb and Rob Pomeroy before going out to Scott Smith.

Scott beat Dave and then went on the most amazing run of wins, totaling 20.

He swept aside some good throwers on his way, including Paul Tuplin, Nick Casswell, Ray Bettison, Paige Birch, Russ Millar, Eric Hammond, Jim Wilson, Carl Ashwell, Maureen Thorne, Christopher Royal, Andrew Cooper, Kyle Davis, Tom Callaghan, Pete Evans, Lee Yates, Christopher Muggeson and Wayne Clarke.

The fantastic achievement was all the sweeter as he hit three 180s and a 137 finish on his way.

The points accrued moved him to the top of the table for those attempting to book their place in the showpiece event via qualifying.

He just needs to enter another competition to make his three scores count.

It was Scott Millar who ended his amazing run, going on to string four wins together before going down to the Liberal’s own Stewart Giles.

Stewart looked like he was going all the way as he beat Hayley Reeson, Gordon Smith, Elliot Davis, Wez Elston and Rick Seaman.

However, number 36 Neil Cooke ended his six-match run.

The final was between Neil and Stuart Hodson.

Neil was in no mood to be the runner-up and held his nerve to win.

The next qualifier is booked in for Friday, January 26, but another may be added before that.

Current points leaders: 1 Scott Smith 21, 2 Terry Cox 12, 3 Dave Tuplin 12, 4 Stewart Giles 11, 5 Eric Hammond 9, 6 Rick Seaman 6, 7 Gordon Smith 5, 8 Nick Casswell 4, 9 Scott Millar 4, 10 Pete Elston 3, 11 Phil Muggeson 3, 12 Hayley Reeson 3, 13 Sean Willis 3, 14 Wayne Burles 3, 15 Darrell Webb 2, 16 Lee Yates 2.