Classic ladies’ battle kicks off finals week

Indoor bowls.
Indoor bowls.

The Skegness Indoor Bowls Club’s Competition Finals Week commenced with a classic final in the Ladies’ Pairs.

This was contested between old rivals Alice Salmon and Mandy Brummitt, who played Joan Usher and Val Huggins.

At five and 10 ends Alice and Mandy lead, but Joan and Val stuck to the task and, entering the last end, the pairs were level at 14-14.

Alice and Mandy held the advantage on the last end to which Joan responded well, but a superb wood from Alice secured a one shot 15-14 victory for her and Mandy.

Ken Startin, Dave Warren, Frances Hopkins and Mary Banks who all played well to win the Rice Trophy, winning by a large 24-3 margin against Johnny Morris, George Curley, Molly Smyth and Brenda Rice.

The Jim Dunn Trophy for members of the afternoon leagues saw top of the First Division Cocktails who, due to illness, fielded an augmented team to defeat lowly Spinners, of the second division, by a large margin.

In their second appearance of the week, Alice Salmon and Mandy Brummitt were joined by Brenda Rice in the final of the Ladies’ Triples.

Trailing in the early stages of the game against Jean Veal, Jackie McAlindon and Margaret Humphreys, 4-10 after 10 ends, Jean’s trio relaxed to allow Alice back into the game and to enter the last end just one shot down and to level the game 14-14 after the required 18 ends.

In the extra end, Jean, Jackie and Margaret scored the one shot necessary to take the title 15-14.

George Curley and Ivan Storr are the Men’s Pairs Champions after a great game with Gary and Johnny Morris in which the advantage changed throughout until the closing stages, when George and Ivan retained control to win 19-14 with three shots scored on the last end.

The Alf Ashton Trophy for teams in the Frank Woods Evening Triples League resulted in a win for Plebs who went ahead in their game with Figmants after 15 ends to win 18-10 after 18.

Having played against each other the previous evening, Gary Morris and George Curley joined together to play Ken Startin and Dave Warren in the Conroy Trophy.

Both pairs produced some quality bowling as the lead changed often.

With the scores all level 16-16 at 15 ends and being one shot up at 20-19 before the last end, in which they scored two shots, Gary and George eventually took the trophy 22-19.

Taking an early four shot lead, Roy Witherington and Margaret Humphreys maintained the momentum to withstand the challenge of Peter and Sue Sharp in the Reeves Trophy - which they won 16-11.

The loss of seven shots on the 12th end denied Alice Salmon, Brenda Rice, Jean Veall and Mandy Brummitt, who had taken an early lead in the Ladies’ Rinks final, against Muriel Coulson, Mandy Forty, Ann Ward and Gill Newman, whose score went from 3-8 down at five ends to an 18-13 lead,

They won the game to take the title with a 20-15 card.

Seeking to win the Men’s Rinks final for a record fourth consecutive year, Dave Conroy, Ken Startin, George Curley and John Mountain set the pace against Alan Brummitt, Graham L. Simpson, Peter Ord and David Briggs, who left their challenge to the last few ends from 20-9 down at 15 ends to the final score of 22-17 and a record win for Dave’s rink.

The Open Singles final between Gary Morris and Bryn Foxon resulted in a 21-10 win for Gary.

Margaret Humphreys gained her third title of the week with an excellent display of lead bowling, when joining Don Bramley and John Clarke in the Deakin Trophy; holding an early lead at the 12th end they saw their opponents Ken Startin, Dave Warren and Frances Hopkins respond well to score a full-house eight shots, to lead the match at 17 shots to 11.

They looked set for victory, but not to be denied, Margaret, Don and John levelled the score at the full 18 ends for 17-17, to take the one shot on the extra end and played to win 18-17 for the title in a game which included all the ingredients that finals should do.

Alice Salmon and Neil Roby found Jean Veall and George Curley in good form when playing for the Tuplin Trophy.

Jean and George lead throughout to win by 20 shots to nine.

The event came to an end on Friday with four very good finals;.

the Men’s Singles was won by Gary Morris, who repeated his Open Singles success once again against Bryn Foxon.

He recorded an identical 21-10 scorecard.

Winning the Ladies’ Singles for a record-breaking seven times was Alice Salmon, who played positively to beat Jean Veall by 21-7.

New names will appear on the honours board as the Men’s Triples winners - Rob Rankin, Mac McAlindon, and Keith Findley - put the match out of the reach of Brian Kilby, John Thorold and Alan Irving, after 17 ends of the 18 scheduled, with a 24-16 scoreline.

Nottingham Forest played Leyton Orient in the Fred Bray Trophy, a competition for the Men’s Football League teams, and increased their score with each end to lift the trophy 22-10.