Chris cruises to fifth place for Alford Wheelers in cycling event

On SUNDAY last week (May 1) Alford Wheelers had a team of nine riders in the Lincs. R.R.A. 25, held on a course in the Saxilby area.

78 riders took part, in good conditions, which resulted in some very quick times being recorded.

The fastest Alford rider was Chris O’Rourke,(5th) who completed the course in 59mins.1sec., with Edwin Kaye 19th in 1hr. 2mins. 20secs., and Mick Pell 24th in 1hr. 2mins. 48secs.

Alford’s successes came in the Handicap section, where 16-year-old Peter Rothery had a clear win with a time of 1hr. 3mins.56secs with a 13min allowance giving him a nett time of 50mins.56secs. 2nd. In this section was Adam Coffey, in 1hr. 3mins. 1sec. (allowance 9mins) nett 54mins. 01sec.

Other Alford times were:- Glenn Palmer 1.3.18, Alan Yost 1.10.19, Arthur Middleton 1.12.47, Aaron Rowley 1.18.46.

In the 3rd. Round of the midweek 10mile league the top man was guest rider Stewart King of Ashford Wheelers (Kent) in 24mins. 21secs., with Phil Heyes 2nd. In 24mins.28secs. and Eddie Kaye 3rd. In 24mins. 52secs.

Other top 12 placings were:4th. Mark Hill 25.03., 5th. Simon Needham 25.33., 6th.Nick Cooper 25.42., 7th Mick Pell 26.01.,8th. John Needham 26.06.,9th. Alan Yost 27.25., 10th. Stephan Bryan 27.28., 11th. Brendon Thomas 28.13., 12th. Steven King (Ashford Wheelers) 28.37.

Junior winners were: 1st. Peter Rothery 25.42., 2nd. Tyler Wright 26.47., 3rd. Ryan Thomas 27.01. Handicap Section: 1st. 12 year old Bruno Gillick 36.05 (allowance 15.22) nett 20.43., 2nd. Eddie Keyes (allowance 11.07) nett 21.10., 3rd. Peter Rothery 25.42 (allowance 4.23)nett 21.19.