Chapel Beach Angling

CHAPEL Beach Angling Club’s latest and last open match of the season was held on Saturday, December 10, on the beach in front of the Admiral Benbows in Chapel Village,

The match was fished between 3.30pm and 7.30pm on a cold frosty night with clear skies and a big bright full moon (it was that big and bright that the fish were too afraid to come up to look at it).

There was a strong tide where the anglers struggled to hold the bottom for the first couple of hours.

Eleven anglers turned out for the match and between them they caught 46 fish. Well done lads!

The first of these being caught within the first half hour by club league leader Rick Jarvis who got a start on everyone else as they were all struggling to hold the bottom.

The winner of the match was SPAC club member Dave Burr with an overall bag of 6lb 7oz, who along with Dave Shorthouse fished both Chapels match and Skegness Pier Angling Clubs biggest rover match at the same time.

Congratulation to both of them for fishing both at the same time and to Dave Burr for winning our match and coming 3rd in the SPAC match.

In second place came Danny Tennant of Chapel Club with a bag weight of 3lb 13 1/4oz and CBAC member Rick Jarvis came in a close third with a bag weight of 3lb 10oz.

The winner of the biggest round fish was Carl Straw with his 41cm specimen whiting and the winner of the biggest flat fish was Mark Robinson who took this prize by default with his 39cm whiting.

The next match is on Sunday December 18 at Wolla Bank between 9am and 1pm to which everyone is welcome.

For further information on this match or the club please contact Michelle at

To all anglers everywhere please help keep your beaches clean and remember to take your rubbish home with you.