Chapel anglers in bait harvest fears

ANGLERS in Chapel St Leonards are concerned that their naturally abundant bait is being depleted by commercial prospectors.

Chapel Beach Angling Club asked the parish council at its latest meeting on Monday for permission to display signs on the beach banning the mass scale harvesting of lugworm which they believe is damaging stock levels.

Although the creatures are in plentiful supply for anglers to use as bait, they believe certain individuals are removing commercial quantities of lugworm to an extent which could prevent it from naturally replenishing their levels.

Chapel St Leonards Parish Council leases the beach from the Crown Estate and as such has no enforcement rights on the land.

However out of sympathy for the anglers’ plight, councillors agreed to allow members of the club to display the signs, in the hope that it would reduce the mass-scale harvesting of lugworm.

A fellow angler, not affiliated with the club raised objections to the proposal claiming it amounted to the ‘council authorising poachers to police the rabbits’.