Butler hooks an impressive catch

Gavin Butler with his impressive haul.
Gavin Butler with his impressive haul.

SOUTHVIEW’S Derek Chapman won last week’s Tuesday open at Southview Skegness.

He was fishing at 13m, pellet up in the water and, despite losing two, he did enough to win with 38lb 14oz.

Not far behind in second place was Terry Moakes of Southview with a catch of 32lb 11oz.

Meanwhile, in Saturday’s open Gavin Butler from Maver Bait Tech took the crown with his personal best this year.

Gavin, fishing pellet up in the water on pole and waggler, had all nice carp around the four pound mark for 143lb 11oz.

Next peg to him was Ian Boden, Southview, same tactics with 112lb 3oz.

Results, March 27 - 1, Derek Chapman, Southview, 38lb 14oz, peg 23; 2, Terry Moakes, Southview, 32lb 11oz, peg 11; 3, Ivan Cook, Harrisons Tackle, 21lb 5oz; 4, Ken Twigg, Mill Lakes, 17lb 10oz; 5, Bob Grovt, Cudmore Saffs, 16lb 110z, peg 12; March 31 - 1, Gavin Butler, Maver Tech, 143lb 11oz, peg 24; 2, Ian Boden, Southview, 112lb 3oz, peg 23; 3, Graham Warren, Southview, 42lb 12oz, peg 25; 4, Terry Moakes, Southview, 32lb 13oz, peg 12; 5, Joe McCormack, Southview, 31lb 12oz, peg 16; 6, Derek Chapman, Southview, 29lb 8oz, peg 22.