Bowls team to retain first division status

SKEGNESS Indoor Bowls Club will retain their spot in the first division next season after Louth defeated Horncastle with an eight shot victory.

With the club leagues done and dusted focus turned to club finals week and thanks go out to the usual few hardcore followers who turned out to support the finalists.


Ladies’ singles; A Salmon 21 B Rice 15

Ladies’ pairs: A Ladums/ A Bramley 20 G Newman/ M Coulson 7

Ladies’ trips; G Newman/ A Chantry/ M Coulson 23 M Brummitt/ B Rice/A Salmon 12

Ladies’ rinks: J Holland/ M Nester/ V Huggins 12 G Spicer/ G Newman/A Chantry/M Coulson 21

Men’s singles; G Curley 21 M Sands 17

Men’s pairs; J Mountain/ B Read 17 P Hopkins/B Foxon 29

Men’s trips; J Mountain/ G Curley/B Foxon 22 J Thorold/ A Irving/ G Simpson 16

Men’s rinks; J Mountain/ G Curley/K Startin/D Conroy 19 P Hopkins/ K Findley/GL Simpson/B Foxon 17

Open Singles: M Sands 21 C York 2

U18 Singles: P Oke 21 J Joyce 19

Conroy open pairs; J Mountain/ G Simpson 23 P Hopkins/ B Foxon 19

Tuplin mixed pairs: M Brummitt/ B Foxon w/o N Salmon/ A Salmon conc.

Reeves Mr and Mrs; N and A Salmon 25 L and B Read 11

Deakin mixed trips; P Hopkins/ M Coulson/ B Foxon 14 N Salmon/ B Rice/ M Sands 13

Rice mixed rinks; N Salmon/ M Brummitt/ A Salmon/ B Hawes 27 J Mountain/ M Smyth/ B Rice/ G Curley 12

Football Fred Bray; G Curley/ B Read/ D Conroy 23 R Brummitt/ J Thorold/ D Teesdale 8

Afternoon Jim Dunn; A Bramley/J Chappell/D Teesdale 9 P Hopkins/D Warren/K Startin 19

Unfortunately Joan Usher had to withdraw from the ladies’ rinks final at the last minute due to illness and because her team already included a substitute they had to play one short. Members wish her a speedy recovery.

Coaching Challenge Trophy - Semi-finals; L Heap 21 T Walker 7, P O’Leary 19 J Copping 21; Final; J Copping 21 L Heap 0.

On Saturday, April 21 Skegness hosted the joint men’s and ladies’ County finals.

With several England Internationals qualifying for various events the many spectators who came along were well entertained throughout the day and our congratulations go out to all who participated, a fitting way to round off the indoor winter season.