Angling: Graham Clark winds midweek open at Southview

LEEDS ace Graham Clark won a close match in this week’s Tuesday open at Southview Skegness.

Fishing on a nice sunny morning, Graham won with crueys off peg 11 fishing 4m out on pellet and paste with 36lb 2oz.

Fishing was hard but crueys made a lot of the weights.

Results - 1, Graham Clark, Leeds, 36lb 2oz, peg 11; 2, Ian Boden, Southview/Pure Pellet, 29lb 10oz, peg 20; 3, Iven Cook, Harrisons, 27lb 1oz, peg 25; 4, Bob Anderson, Kings Lynn, 22lb 7oz, peg 24; 5, Graham Warren, Southview/Pure Pellet, 20lb 6oz, peg 19; 6, Fred Maxwell, Leeds, 19lb 8oz, peg 23; 7. Jim Whitemore, Wainfleet, 18lb 6oz, peg 15; 8, Paul O’Carroll, Chapel, 18lb 5oz, peg 13.