Alford & District Pool League trophy draw announced

Sport News.
Sport News.

The Diamond Investigations Singles Trophy Draw has been made in the Alford & District Pool League.

The draw is as follows:-

Plyaing at -

Red Lion Mumby - P. Kemp, R. Nicholson, J. S. Wingfield, A. Wood, L. Bird, Ms J. Bird.

Waggon and Horses - N. Wilson, P. Whiteside, J. Swan, P. Mcloughlin, D. Ridley, R. Branney.

George - C. Clough, S. Dutton, Ms D. Gains, P. Swain, D. Baldwin, R. Bird.

Axe and Cleaver - Table 2 - G. Forman, J. Mott, S. Lempard, B. Moore, A. Beardsley, T. Johnson.

Red Lion Withern - A. Franchi, A. Cliffton, G. Keeler, M. Young, S. Chambers, M. Mountain.

White Hart - M. Francis, D. Evans, A. Stott, B. Hepple, B. Hopwood, A. Stark.

Axe and Cleaver - Table 1 - M. Fayers, J. Bristow, D. Shipman, D. Palmer, M. Forman, P. Kaye.

Windmill Hotel - J. Dutton, P. Robinson, S. Watson, A. Bird, S. Wingfield, N. Jesney.