A series of personal bests for the Coasters

Coasters at the Lincoln 10k.
Coasters at the Lincoln 10k.
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Members of Skegness Coasters collected a series of personal best times at events around the county this weekend.

Runners had the options of competing at the new Boston Marathon and half marathon, the Lincoln 10k and the Spalding 10k.

Coasters at the Boston Marathon.

Coasters at the Boston Marathon.


Boston Marathon: Jane Upsall 4:57-36 PB, Julie Hawkesford 5:06-06 PB, Debra Cussons 5:12-24 PB.

Half Boston Marathon: Janet Harmston 1:59-37 PB, Susan Smith 2:03-37 PB, Sandra Colman 2:21-52 PB.

Lincoln 10k: Neil Stocks 46-06 PB, Sheila Wright 48-46 PB, Tracey Gill 55-12 PB, Phae Bryant 56-15, Susan Turner 58-22 PB, Paul Whitfield 58-39, Katie Moore 58-17 PB, Suzy Wain 58-17, Annabel Bradley 58-03 PB, Rachel Shinn 1:04-59, Kelly Scutt 1:06-36, Matt Bellion 1:08-20, Anita Ullyatt 01:16-48 PB, Rebecca Porter 1:21-06 PB, Rebecca Sylvester 1:21-46 PB.

Spalding 10k: Elly Rutherford 1:06 PB (unofficial).

Pictured are Coasters at the Lincoln 10k (top) and Jane, Julie and Debbie after the Boston Marathon (bottom).