£10k boost for Xsite park

Youngsters enjoying Xsite in Skegness.
Youngsters enjoying Xsite in Skegness.

An extreme sports centre has just undergone a major revamp to cater for its growing popularity among youngsters from the local area and further afield.

The Xsite Skate park, North Parade, Skegness, has been closed for three weeks while £10,000 worth of new indoor ramps were installed to accommodate the growing number of users.

“A modern layout has been installed as designs get dated quickly; we have just evolved with the users and worked with trends and fashions to create a whole new look,” said a spokesperson.

Many youngsters have thrived while using the site, which has hosted national competitions and displays, and the team behind the Xsite felt it necessary to update its equipment.

“The continued success led Xsite to reinvest in new obstacles and facilities for new and existing users including a complete refit of ramps and obstacles, the shop and cafe layout,” said a spokesperson.

The Xsite skate park is a registered charity which has used funds to continue to improve its facilities since it opened.

“We’ve had improvements in the past but this is the first full one - we even hope to expand in the future,” they added.

All of the users have been taking full advantage of the improvements since the doors reopened on Friday, October 18, the site said.

“It’s like a modern youth club as some youngsters just come down to enjoy the site and spectate rather than use the ramps,” they explained.

Xsite skate park plays host to many national competitions and demonstrations each year, with the UKSA UK national mini ramp championships set to take place in November.

“Competitors come from all over the country as there’s a large prize fund up for grabs,” they explained.

Visit the website for more information at www.xsiteskatepark.co.uk